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What Clients Say About Write to the Point


A gifted communications strategist, Catherine is a consummate professional who never loses sight of the client's brand, goals, and objectives. She is keenly aware that today's multi-faceted communications must be developed to reach specific target audiences. To that end, Catherine invests considerable time in researching not only the subject matter but also the intricacies of the client's message and the audience with whom the client is communicating. This process often results in Catherine’s posing questions and raising issues that her clients may not have even considered. By combining her natural writing talent with diligence and perseverance, Catherine efficiently and skillfully molds and melds her vision with that of her client.

Whether the assignment involves developing content for a website, writing complex grant proposals, authoring feature articles, or editing the copy of others, Catherine never disappoints. Sanford School and I are fortunate to have Catherine as a valued and trusted resource, and I recommend her for any position or assignment without qualification.

Cheryl Fleming, Director of Communications & Marketing, Sanford School, DE



Thank you, Catherine! Once again I am truly indebted to your quick hand and deft skill. You have made the process so much more reliable.

Sean Byrne, National Commissioner for Resources, Boy Scouts of America



Catherine provided fantastic editing support for the development of my website.  Her feedback improved the content’s readability, focus, and power.  Her suggested rewrites enhanced the use of language to make it stronger and more compelling.  Catherine has an incredible eye for detail that supported the professional tone I sought to convey.  I especially appreciated that Catherine put on the lens of prospective client as she edited my site and considered what clients might be curious about, or confused by.  Catherine provides a wonderful service with warmth and engagement, which makes working with her an absolute pleasure with excellent results.

 Elizabeth Roll, Executive Coach, Elizabeth A. Roll Coaching, NM



Catherine and I worked closely together on a $7 million dollar capital campaign, in which she took the lead on designing and crafting compelling grant proposals. She devised an efficient scheme of modifying the core proposal to different lengths with flexible appendices, which not only met the varying foundation guidelines, but allowed for a menu of electronic versions to be stored in a secure, central online folder. Each version stood on its own as a complete and vibrant depiction of the project, so the development team could efficiently compile this inventory in multiple ways for each new grant application without having to re-write the core proposal.

Catherine worked collaboratively with the Campaign Committee Chairs and a broader team to thoughtfully incorporate the many suggestions and edits to our core grant proposal or to tactfully guide or mold them to an agreeable compromise. She is a very gifted and technically proficient writer who provides a perfect balance of leadership and collaboration to the team. 

Susan Keiser, Executive Director, JP Morgan Chase