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I can help you with:

  • writing—articles, web content, grant narratives, how-to guides, pamphlets, catalogs, directories, etc.
  • ghost writing—anything you need written with you or your organization as the author (except original academic work)
  • grant writing/marketing materials
  • copyediting at all levels
  • developmental editing
  • proofreading
  • developing a uniform style guide
  • guidance and coaching for those producing original academic work
  • fact checking
  • transcribing and more

(Unless you need a witty limerick, thoughtful haiku, or Onion-worthy satire, I do not write fiction.)

Not sure what level of editing you need?  We can figure that out together through a consultation


Because I enjoy working with individuals, not-for-profits, small businesses, and other organizations who are necessarily budget-conscious, my rates always stay within the industry-standard range. In addition to working by the hour or word, I am happy to propose a set project fee. Unless the scope of work changes drastically during our work together, I pledge to complete your project for the rate we agree upon.

To determine project estimates, I consider the time I feel your project will take to complete most effectively (based on my experience with similar projects) and the following fee structure for my expertise.

Type of WorkEstimated PaceFee
Writing1-3 ms pgs/hr 

$50/hr or 35¢/wd

      Grants/proposals/sales/PR     $50/hr or 35¢/wd
      Journalism $50/hr or 35¢/wd 
      Technical/trade $50/hr or 35¢/wd
      Non-specified $40-50/hr or 35¢-$2/wd
      Basic copyediting5-10 ms pgs/hr $45/hr
      Medium copyediting3-5 ms pgs/hr $50/hr
      Heavy copyediting2-5 ms pgs/hr $55/hr
      Website copyeditingvariable $45-50/hr
      Developmental1-5 ms pgs/hr $50/hr
Proofreading9-13 ms pgs/hr $40/hr
Guidance/Coaching  $30/hr
Research/Fact Checking  $50/hr
Sensitivity Reads10-12 ms pgs/hr $40/hr
Transcribingvariable $40/hr