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Let's Get Write to the Point...

Write to the Point provides top-notch writing, editing, and proofreading services. Whether for individuals, organizations, or small businesses, each project receives the detail-focused, personalized treatment it deserves to showcase clients in their best, most professional light. 

As owner of Write to the Point, I have the right combination of education and experience to offer versatility, a breadth of knowledge, and a thoughtful perspective to each project. I also happen to love what I do and started Write to the Point to share my aptitude and enthusiasm for writing and editing! 

The strength of Write to the Point lies in my knack for relating a client's message to the appropriate audience through the written word and a polished presentation. I meet with my clients in person, if possible, to understand their needs and objectives with regard to each project. I don't begin to write, edit, or format until I understand

  • the client and the message;
  • the intended audience;
  • how the finished product should function; and
  • what it should look like.

This approach allows me to work efficiently and accurately to meet clients' goals, deadlines, and budgets.

Not sure what you need?  Consult with Write to the Point to determine the level of editorial support best suited to your project, be it a single page or a lengthy report. I'm easy to work with! I won't take up a lot of your time, and I do not take feedback personally or defensively, recognizing that the most important outcomes are that you feel heard, are satisfied with your finished product, and that you receive it on time and error free.